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Graphic Design vs. Interior Decor

You’ve just moved into your new home. Maybe you’re thinking you’ve gotten though all the stressful parts until you look up at all the blank walls, and then your mind goes blank with them. No? Just me?

Well it being my first time moving into a home where I plan on staying in for quite a while I took the decor into consideration more than I have in past residences. Similar to design there were rules that I took into consideration: planning, color, balance.

Like any of my well thought out designs my room design started out with pencil and paper. It really helped to get a feel for what would fit where in each room when I was able to sketch out approximately where I wanted pieces our how I wanted a wall collage to hang. Once you have a general idea I’d recommend using a room planning website to make sure what you’re thinking will fit in the space. Plan Your Room is a great, user friendly one!

Color is king! Usually the first thing people decide is what color they are looking for. This has a huge affect on the feel that a design gives to it’s viewers. Moreover, if you choose the wrong color it can make your room feel cold, or worse, smaller than it actually is. I decided to start with neutrals. Beige walls with a white ceiling and trim to make the room feel lighter but not all bright white like an asylum. From there I brought in the color starting with my deep blue couch! If you’re lost in the color picking stage check out Adobe Kuler

Balance is important in more than yoga. You can’t have an open concept living space and pile furniture in your living room then have an empty dinning room. Just like I can’t design an add with everything on the left. To dive a little deeper in this concept look into feng shui. It not only helps with balance, but the over all energy of your space.

Over all you should take pride in your final result and design to please yourself.