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Ranch Livin’

Growing up in the small town of Paso Robles, CA gives a different perspective that growing up in a city like San Fransisco. However being raised on a ranch on the outskirts of that town changes your way of looking at things a bit more. Some of my friends think it’s the strangest thing living out of town and waking up before the sun, but it’s how I was raised and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

I was given opportunities that not everyone received and it shaped the person I am today. My favorite opportunity was being in an organization called 4-H. For those of you who have never heard of it, you can read about it here. From age 9 to 18 I raised a market animal per year (4 steers and 5 lambs). Taking the time to train a wild animal gave me patience and a work ethic that I would have been hard pressed to learn elsewhere. It empowered me with skills at a young age and got me deeply involved in the community.

I can only hope I’m fortunate enough to give similar opportunities to my kids one day.

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